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Event Setup & onboarding

Consultancy and initial setup tailored to the client's specific needs and schedules. Prepare future events within the platform to ensure readiness for live operations.

Individual and Group Registration Management

Enable participant segmentation for various ticket types and provide options for both individual and group ticket purchases.

Content/Speaker Acquisition and Selection Process

Vivento allows the acquisition and selection of various content types, including abstracts, media, and cinematic materials.

Product & Service Shop

A platform feature that enables users to buy merchandise, additional services, and add-ons directly through the interface.

Event program & Planning

Vivento streamlines program creation and management for varying durations, from single occurrences to recurring or ongoing events, accommodating physical and virtual locations.

Logistics & staff management

Manage logistics and partners within the platform: a centralized hub for coordinating multiple stakeholders and data streams.


Management of hotel contingents to allocate guests to rooms and administer shared costs efficiently.


Facilitates individual or group ticket purchases, enabling acquisition of tickets for multiple sessions and merchandise simultaneously. Includes invitations and coupons.

Audience definition

Participants can be segmented into categories, allowing for the provision of various ticket types, pricing, and unique features tailored to each group.

Marketing & Publishing operations

Content can be shared with external platforms like websites, CRMs, or newsletter tools to enhance event promotion.

Event specific mailings & notifications

Vivento ensures end users are always informed with transactional emails to confirm or notify any changes to their actions.

Venue & access planning

Configure areas by setting maximum capacities and monitoring participant flow at entry and exit points. Manage virtual venues to offer comparable features and user experiences.

All the integrations you need

Connect Vivento with your preferred CRM software to streamline attendee management, track interactions, and manage customer relationships seamlessly; including popular tools like CRM systems, Mailchimp for email marketing, and more.
Unlock new levels of efficiency and effectiveness in managing your events.

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Welcome Desk

Comprehensive management of the welcome process, providing essential platform access to those responsible for the participant greeting procedure.

Self Check In

Automated stations equipped with touch screens, scanners, and printers enable attendees to scan a QR code for check-in and print their badges on site.

Online Platform Event

Based on the client's requirements, dedicated features can be developed for real-time event management.

Digital Signage

Event information can be automatically displayed on screens and LED walls.

Session and Speech Schedule

Create a schedule detailing the times, dates, and venues for all speeches planned during the event.

Congress App

For an engaging user experience, providing an event app that send real-time event information, facilitates interaction during Q&A and polls, and enables contact sharing among participants.

Q&A and Poll

Polls and Q&A sessions can be organized and delivered to both online and onsite audiences during the event, enhancing interaction between speakers and participants.

Live streaming

Vivento enables participation in events from anywhere through its LIVE video streaming feature.

Automated Video On Demand Production - VOD

Vivento provides a video on demand production service, utilizing the event schedule and live video streaming.

Entrance & Access management

The system enables management of entrance and access to the event, accounting for all spaces within the venue.

Audience Session Evaluation

Satisfaction questionnaires can be presented to participants after each session.

Location maps

Define the locations (city maps, buildings, zones, areas, individual rooms, stages) where the event will take place, based on the structural layout of the venue.

Realtime Financial & Access reports

Real-time access to various key financial figures and reports, organized by session, event, product, and category.

Feeling inspired? Bring your event to life with our customizable, simple and all-inclusive solution.

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Check-in and real- time updates

Vivento offers a a user-friendly platform that enhances engagement, encourages networking, and maximizes the value of every moment.

  • Easy Check In: No more waiting times and long queues effortlessly: check in participants upon arrival by scanning their personalized QR code.

  • Real-time event updates: Push notifications or in-app updates to keep attendees informed about schedule changes, speaker announcements, and other information

Agenda & location map

Finding your way around a big event can be stressful. We simplify the experience by making it easy to know where to go and when.

  • Agenda and schedule: A dynamic agenda that allows users to view session details, speaker bios, and track schedules. Users can personalize their agenda by selecting sessions they want to attend.

  • Interactive maps: Interactive maps of the event venue to help attendees navigate and find session rooms, exhibitor booths, restrooms, and other points of interest.

Q&A and Polls

During conferences and panels, you're often asked to launch surveys, collect live responses, and gauge the overall mood of participants. That's why we made it so simple.

  • Live polling and Q&A: Tools for engaging attendees during sessions through live polls, Q&A sessions, and audience feedback mechanisms.

  • Attendee feedback: Surveys and feedback forms to collect attendee feedback on sessions, speakers, and overall event experience.

Multimedia & social integration

Sharing photos, posts, and videos – it's all part of creating engaging content. We know how managing this multimedia content effectively is fundamental:

  • Social media integration: Integration with social media platforms to enable attendees to share updates, photos, and insights from the event with their networks.

  • Multimedia content: Support for sharing presentation slides, videos, and other multimedia content associated with event sessions.

Participation certificate

Create participation certificates for the event to serve as proof of attendance while also providing an opportunity for participants to offer feedback to enhance future events.

Session & Video on Demand

Make recordings of the sessions available after the conclusion of the event.

KPI, Analytics and Surveys

Evaluate the overall performance of the event through various types of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), analytics, and surveys.

Foreseeing next edition

Plan future events by utilizing data collected from the closing event.


Vivento archives and retains all updated information within the platform during regular usage. Users can access the history of every change made to the information at any time.

Evaluate your performance

Vivento provides a range of tools and metrics to measure performance and gather valuable insights. Utilize a variety of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as attendance metrics, engagement levels, session popularity, and more.

Get invaluable

Vivento also offers customizable survey tools to collect qualitative feedback from attendees:

  • Create post-event surveys to gather feedback on the overall event experience, session content, speaker effectiveness, and more.
  • Use survey responses to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Feeling inspired? Bring your event to life with our customizable, simple and all-inclusive solution.